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Annie-Marie – Tell Your Girlfriend lyrics | Therapy

Annie-MarieTell your girlfriend lyrics from new english music album Therapy. This song sung by English singer and songwriter Annie-Marie.

Tell Your Girlfriend lyrics

You always call when you’re lonely
I never answer your texts
Ooo boy you’re gonna be sorry
When I show all the things that you said

Oh what a waste to throw it away and you think it’s gon’ be ok but you will be sorry
You can get on your knees, you can cry, you can beg but

I’m gonna tell your girlfriend
What a liar you are
She’s gonna know your secret
It will be my pleasure
How many how many times do
I say no, before
I’m gonna have to go and tell your girlfriend That she deserves better

Yeah she deserves better

She was always too good for you
And you took her for granted
Woulda’ done anything for you
Don’t know how good you had it

She gon’ be fine and you’re gon’ be crying and you’re gonna ask yourself why you took her for granted
You can get on your knees, you can cry, you can beg but

Ohhh she’ll find someone else
Who’s gonna treat her well
And you’re just gonna have to live with that Cos


Yeah she deserves better
She deserves better
Than you hahaha

Sung by Annie-Marie

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