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Annie-Marie – Therapy lyrics | Therapy album

Annie-Marie Therapy lyrics from new English music album Therapy. Therapy song sung by English singer and songwriter Annie-Marie.

Therapy song lyrics

I’m dysfunctional
It’s always been that way
It’s Nothing personal
Pull you in to push away
I’m emotional
I don’t know If It’s better if
I’m on my own It’s nothing personal
And you’re not to blame

It’s not you it’s me
My personality
Needs that missing piece


I thought  love was the answer to all of my problems
And Kissing your lips was the key
All these tattoos and dancing distractions
Ain’t working for me
So I think that maybe
I just need therapy

My own worst enemy 
Again and again
That you can only mend
I can see
I’m hurting you
It’s agony
And apologies
They Won’t change anything

It’s not you it’s me
My personality 
I need fixing please


I just need therapy

And after all is said and done
I’m running back to you
And Maybe you’ve been moving on
And found somebody new
As long as
I have found myself
To win sometimes you lose
And I can’t believe that


I just needed therapy
Just needed therapy
Just needed therapy

Sung by Annie-Marie

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